Rohingya and the ICC – The Rights of the Rohingya?

The “preliminary probe” announced by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in response to the exodus of the Rohingya opens the door to further international legal inquiry into the accusations of systemic ethnic violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority. But the prosecutor for the International Criminal Court is facing serious challenges in fulfilling the raised expectations.

Article by Robert Menzies


Ein niedergebranntes Haus in einem Rohingya-Dorf im nördlichen Rakhine State, August 2017 (Wikimedia/Moe Zaw (VOA))

The Plight of the Rohingya – Responsibility to prevent ethnic cleansing?

Given the ongoing violence in Myanmar against and forced displacement of the Rohingya, the seeming inability of the international community to either condemn or prevent what arguably could be described as text book ethnic cleansing raises the question of what the responsibility to protect means in practice. The threat to their safety and violation of […]

The Responsibility to Protect and Germany’s 2013 Elections

Genocide Alert Policy Brief, September 2013

The Responsibility to Protect (RtoP) or ‚Schutzverantwortung‘ has made significant inroads in terms of cementing itself on the German domestic political scene. With the elections just ten days away, how do the major parties plan to deal with the principle? How does it figure, if at all, in their policy platforms? What can we expect from the major parties regarding their support for RtoP for 2013 and beyond? This policy brief provides answers to these questions for an English-speaking audience.

» Genocide Alert Policy Brief, September 2013